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How much money do I currently have in my account?
Your available balance can be viewed from either the top toolbar of any page after logging in or from the My Account section.
Where do I view all of the account funding transactions I have made?
All funding transactions are listed within the financials section. Simply go to My Account → Financials → Account Funding to view your transaction history.
Where do I view all of the money I have earned on Gigstarz?
All of your earnings are listed within your financials. Simply click on My Account → Financials → Earned to view your transactions. You will be able to view which of your performances have been sold, and the gross and net proceeds. Click in the magnifying glass to get a more detailed listing of transactions. Since the Gigstarz platform is free to use, Gigstarz deducts a percentage of all revenues to make up for various costs incurred. The net proceeds will reflect the amount of money that you have earned and was added to your account.

*NEW*: For a detailed walk through of the financials section, visit the Gigstarz Help genre or click here to watch our video tutorial.
How do I withdraw the money I have earned?
Money may be withdrawn from your Gigstarz account by submitting a payout request. Once submitted and processed, Gigstarz will mail you a check.
Where do I view my current and past payment requests?
All payment requests are listed within the financials section. Simply click on My Account → Financials → Payment Requests to view all submitted payment requests.
How do I get a refund?
Our goal is to make the Gigstarz experience as enjoyable and fair as possible.

There are automatic refunds and there are refunds granted on a case by case basis. Automatic refunds include any scheduled future performance purchases that are either cancelled prior to broadcast or if the performance does not go live. If the Gigstarz management team finds any content to fall outside of the Terms & Conditions guidelines, performances may be cancelled and refunds automatically processed. These types of refunds will automatically be processed and the funds will be placed back into your account.

For other refunds, please contact us at and please include the reason you would like a refund as well as the performance name and time of purchase. We will investigate your claim and get back to you quickly.