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How does the performance chat system work?
Every peformance whether LIVE or archived is linked to an individual chat. From the performance page, audiences members have the ability to chat with each other as well as chat with the performer. All logged in users and guests watching the same performance will be listed within the audience. Your profile image and starzname will be listed to identify you. If you right-click on another audience member you have the ability to send a budz request, become a fan, send a private instant message and view their profile. Private messages sent via the chat will be closed when a user leaves that specific performance page.
How does the Gigstarz Messenger work?
Once logged in, there will be a link to the Gigstarz Messenger near the bottom right of any Gigstarz webpage. This link will also identify how many of your budz contacts are currently online. Click the link to open up the Gigstarz Messenger module. From the messenger, you can send instant messages (IMs) to any of your budz contacts. You also have the ability to block and unblock users from sending you instant messages. Messages sent through the Gigstarz Messenger are site wide and can be sent/received on any page.