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What is Gigstarz?
Gigstarz is a free social and business entertainment platform with LIVE streaming, archived and uploadable audio/video capabilities. Each end user is provided the ability to generate income from their content. Gigstarz is a unique website that combines great entertainment and money making abilities for all users. With a few simple steps, you can create new content or upload your already created content, and turn them into revenue generating products. Our aim is to transfer the power to the performers and revolutionize the online digital media world!

Using Gigstarz is as easy as Create, Share and Profit!

*NEW*: For an introductory video of the Gigstarz website visit the Gigstarz Help genre or click here to watch.
How much does it cost to become a Gigstarz member?
Gigstarz is a free platform. Whether you are using Gigstarz to watch or create audios and videos, or to simply meet other people, the Gigstarz platform is free.
How does Gigstarz make money if the site is free to use?
Gigstarz provides its users a free business platform with a wide range of business tools including live streaming video, interactive communications and a robust marketing strategy to drive traffic to the website and its user’s content. In order to make money while still proving a free platform to its users, Gigstarz has integrated limited advertisements throughout the site including pre-rolls and text ads. In addition, Gigstarz takes a percentage of all revenues made through the Gigstarz marketplace.
How do I make money using Gigstarz?
Registered Gigstarz members have the ability to make money using the Gigstarz platform. Each user has the ability to stream LIVE, save and archive LIVE streams, and upload already created content. A performance can be free or paid for viewers to access. Users can also enable a virtual tip jar in order to raise money by accepting tipz/donations. This is a very powerful crowd funding tool to raise money. The users that create content have the flexibility to determine if and how much they will charge viewers to access their content.

The Gigstarz vision is to transfer the power to the performer and provide the ability to make money from their content. Make money from what you know and enjoy and have the entire world as your marketplace!
What are the ‘best practices’ recommended for users trying to build a business using Gigstarz?
If you are using Gigstarz as a business platform where you will be charging viewers to access your content or if you are trying to raise money from the "tipz" feature, we have some general proven guidelines to not only make money but also ensure that your fanz and followers have an enjoyable experience:

- Create a well thought out detailed profile. The profile will be your opportunity to market yourself and tell the world about what you have to offer.
- Offer a wide array of free content. In order to get viewers to pay for your content, they will need to get to know you and your talents.
- Enable the "tipz" jar on your free performances. This virtual tip jar is a powerful crowd funding tool which will allow you to accept tips/donations from your viewers.
- During your free content, advertise your pay-for-view products. This is a proven business model.
- Depending on the content you will be creating, offer Q&A sessions via the performance chat or through private messaging.
- Maintain contact with your fanz and encourage viewers to add you as a star. Your contact lists will be your way of tracking and communicating with the users that think you are talented.
- Associate your perforances to the most appropriate genre and sub-genre to ensure that viewers will be able to find your content.
- Assign targeted keywords to your performances to maximize search results.
- Identify the most accurate parental rating to your performances to help viewers identify the appropriate type of content you will be providing.
- When broadcasting a show that was previously scheduled, be sure to be prepared for a punctual start time. Also make sure that your show will last the associated approximate length.
Are there any Gigstarz help tutorial videos?
We have created specific tutorial videos to help users understand the Gigstarz platform. These quick hit help videos will help you grow your business and maximize your entertainment experience. Click on the ‘Gigstarz Help’ genre to browse the available help tutorial videos.
After registering, how come I did not receive the confirmation email?
If you do not see the Gigstarz confirmation email in your inbox within a few minutes of submitting the registration form, make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If you still do not see the email or you think you may have entered is the wrong email address when registering, contact us at
What happens if a scheduled show I have already paid for gets cancelled?
If this occurs, there will be an automatic full refund to your account.
What do I do if I have forgotten my starzname?
If you cannot remember your account starzname, please contact us at and please provide us the email address that you entered when registering.
What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
After clicking the ‘Sign in’ link on the top toolbar, there is a ‘forgot password’ link. If clicked, Gigstarz will send you an email with a temporary password to the email address you registered with. Simply click the link within the email and update your password information.

For any additional concerns around having trouble logging in, please contact us at
How can I change the email address linked to my Gigstarz account?
Registered Gigstarz members may change the email address that is linked to their account. Go to My Account → Settings to enter in a new email address.
How do I fund my account?
Registered logged in Gigstarz members will have the ability to fund their accounts. You can simply click the "Fund Account" link on the top toolbar, or find the "Fund Account" button within your My Account section. Gigstarz processing currently accepts MasterCard and Visa for credit purchases. All processed credit purchases are listed within the financials section. Simply go to My Account → Financials → Account Funding to view your account funding transaction history.

*NEW*: For a detailed walk through of the financials section, visit the Gigstarz Help genre or click here to watch our video tutorial.
How do I report content?
If you feel that any content is illegal, infringes on copyright law or offensive you may report it to Gigstarz management. You can click on the red flag button that appears below the video player and fill out the abuse form. This will trigger a notification and the Gigstarz management will due its due diligence to investigate the performance content. Gigstarz has the right to disable or delete any content that does not abide by the Terms & Conditions and Gigstarz policies and the performers may be held liable.

We take the reporting of content very seriously and encourage our users to speak out against inappropriate content. Keep in mind that parental ratings are used to inform viewers of the general content material. No user under the age of 18 will be able to access 18+ performances and no user under the age of 13 is permitted to register.

For any additional concerns around the reporting of content, please contact us at
Can I do a user search?
Yes, the advanced search has user search capabilities. The search and advanced search options are located on the top right or bottom right of any Gigstarz webpage. Simply click on 'Users' to open up the user search. You can search the Gigstarz user database by starzname, zipcode, first name, last name, gender, goal of Gigstarz and interests. Keep in mind though, that the ability to search by first and last name is individually controlled by each user within their privacy settings.

From the user search results, you will see the profile image, the starzname and how many budz and fanz each user has. You can click on the profile image or the starzname to be re-directed to that user's profile page. From the profile page, you can see their information, contacts, send a budz request, become a fan, view their external links and see a list of their performances.